Doe Deere; the Woman We Should All Want Our Daughters to Strive to Be

Doe Deere is a woman who not only talks the talk but walks the walk when it comes to embracing who you are as a woman. As we grow older, women are deterred from wearing bright colors and are encouraged to look classy and professional. Why cant we have both? Doe Deere has done just that. She started her company, Poppy Angeloff, which takes old family heirlooms and classy jewelry and puts her own spin onto the design. While modeling her own work with her spunky hair and beautifully creative makeup, Doe Deere is what we want our daughters to admire. Someone who took an idea she had and ran with it. Living Unapologetically.

Before Poppy Angeloff became the successful company it is today, Doe Deere originally created Lime Crime Cosmetics, which is completely vegan and cruelty free makeup line. Doe Deere did not come from much, discussing about her struggles coming to America and how her and her mother had to pay their bills doing side jobs. Doe shows that true passion is the secret to success. Stating herself she knew her ideas are unusual, that didn’t deter her from chasing her passion and creating the jewelry line and even modeling the items herself. But its the unique factor that women crave. Being able to stand out and still look classy.

Deere gives her three rules to success; one being so passionate you completely immerse yourself in your idea, which she has shown in her Instagram and her past business methods. The second is to be your own customer, don’t create something you wouldn’t use yourself which seems like a very logical rule but very few seem to follow. And the final rule is to take the risk which is so much easier said than done. Everyone’s biggest fear in life seems to be taking a risk and falling on your face, but sometimes it pulls you out of a homeless shelter and brings you out to be your best self.