Doe Deere Put The Glitter And Fantasy Into Rebellious Makeup For Millennials

Let’s be totally honest here; there would be no Lime Crime cosmetics without the forever muse herself, Doe Deere. The founder of the millennial makeup brand has always brought her unique style and concepts of beauty to the forefront.

Doe Deere launched the hip cosmetics label on e-commerce in 2008 because frankly, she could not even find bold eyeshadows or lipsticks in a metropolis as huge as New York City. The Russian native developed her savvy business approach and experience in NYC but believed it was also her time to strike out and create the makeup that was missing in today’s culture.

The young entrepreneur realized that the giant cosmetics brands had been running the ship for decades now, but she also knew that women (and men, too) demanded more from the makeup that was out there. Doe Deere enjoyed playing with bright, glamorous makeup palettes that allowed a person to create a fantasy beauty with glitter, iridescence, vibrancy and self-confidence.

Her famous liquid-to-matte lipsticks took off all over social media because the colors were wild and free. Doe Deere rode beauty to a whole new level, encouraging her fans to wear green lipstick or one in shades of peacock blue, grey cement, yellow banana, bright pink, gold metallic, etc. Then, the makeup guru added sexy lip toppers in shiny crystals that stayed put.

If she wasn’t wearing the stuff, then, the makeup didn’t make it to the Lime Crime collection. Doe Deere was in the lab with the chemist, testing out new product ideas, looking at the street vibe to see what young people were into, and she developed new makeup trends. Her hair was often candy-colored, and her cosmetics and fashion played along.

Makeup is supposed to fun and empowering, says Doe Deere. Women and men should be able to break a few rules and create their own beauty statement and turn heads. Lime Crime is rebellious makeup, and Doe Deere wouldn’t have it any other way.



The brand’s Instagram account tells the story; more than 3.4 million followers are obsessed.

Lime Crime makeup will color your world.