Doe Deere and the Success of Lime Crime

Running a business keeps Doe Deere busy to say the least. She starts her day strategizing on projects with her creative director. Then, meets with the president, vice president, and COO of her company; making sure that everybody has the same pertinent information. Doe Deere was born in Russia, and moved to New York when she was only 17 years old to become a musician. Her online presence began with the opening of an eBay store, selling her DIY fashions. She randomly called her new online store, Lime Crime, and the name stuck.


Doe Deere modeled her own designs and found that her makeup style stood out as ultra-spectacular, causing her fan base to grow exponentially. With a strong belief in makeup being another form of freedom and self-expression, in 2008 Doe Deere launched a vibrant and colorful, cruelty-free cosmetics line she continued to call, Lime Crime. With the launch of her new cosmetic line, Self-Made magazine has named her as one of the top inspirational female entrepreneurs. Doe Deere enjoys being an inspiration to other female entrepreneurs and hopes she can be a strong role model.


New ideas for her line of cosmetics come in spurts. She waits for them and reacts quickly in order to bring them to life. Always testing her new ideas on herself first, she makes sure the new product feels right before introducing it to her line of cosmetics. Selling online is a new forum for selling products, like lipstick, but Doe Deere has established her own way of doing it well. By showing the color actually on the lip, it has worked, and people buy her products online.


Having an online business has come with its problems. In 2014 the Lime Crime website was hacked and sensitive customer information was stolen. Doe Deere reacted to the hacking quickly, by setting up a stronger security system using Strongwave and Norton, also creating a stronger customer service presence on her website for customer related issues.


She doesn’t believe in ‘ruling with an iron fist’, but wants to treat her employees with love and respect. In this regard giving people positive reinforcement in order to uplift and support them through to success. With a mission to revolutionize the makeup industry, both in sales and by the way that they can make a person feel, Doe Deere has managed to achieve her goals.

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