Doctors as examples of personal health; Dr. Dov Rand

One of the advantages of being able to choose your doctor is that you can look for an expert who is right for you. There are several things that we need in our doctors — skills, expertise, and experience working with the difficulties that we are facing. As we look for an expert like Dr. Rand to help us work through our health problems, one of the things that we often forget to look for is the doctor’s philosophy of treatment.

Doctors often have several options available for treatment. Some doctors subscribe to the “pill for ill” approach where any health problem leads to a pill. Some doctors seek out and actively recommend newer medications while others stick with more tried-and-true approaches. There are also more holistic options available for protecting and promoting health. The difference can be significant and knowing the difference can make all the difference when selecting a doctor.

Dr. Dov Rand is an expert in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation. He is also a founder of the Aging Medical Centers where he promotes a holistic approach designed to help patients attain their highest possible level of health through all phases of their lives. Because his field specializes in promoting and maintaining health he has been a consistent proponent of the most advanced and well tested holistic approaches.

The field of physical medicine and rehabilitation works with a wide range of medical situations. Patients often deal with injuries and disabilities as complicated as nerve damage and traumatic brain injuries. Doctors like Dr. Dov Rand which focus on this field also deal with hormonal imbalance, weight loss assistance, and anti-aging services. Because of the complexity of some of these conditions experts like Dr. Dov often work as part of interdisciplinary teams that worked together to provide comprehensive treatment.

Dr. Dov Rand works in one of the most interesting and applicable fields of medicine, but it is his approach to that medicine that makes all the difference. As a veteran health expert, he promotes some of the newest and best-tested solutions available today. His approach uses the most reliable and advanced holistic treatments available.

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