Dick DeVos, Career, Family, and Business Life

Born on October 21st, 1995, Dick DeVos is a renowned entrepreneur from Michigan. He is the son to Richard DeVos, the founder of Amway. Between 1993 and 2002, DeVos served as the Chief Operating Officer of a company that specialized in consumer goods distribution. In 2006, Dick DeVos vied for Michigan governorship on a Republican ticket but lost to the Democrats. As of 2012, Dick DeVos ranked as the 67th wealthiest businessperson in the US at a value of $5.1 billion.

DeVos’ Family Life

Born and brought up in Michigan, Dick DeVos attended the Forest Hills school. Already as a young boy, Dick DeVos was fascinated with the subject of business. He would accompany his father to their family business, Amway. DeVos and his brother Doug would be assigned to greet attendees at Amway’s annual conventions. They would also help their parents in clearing utensils during business conferences and ferry guest to play waterski. As such, DeVos became confident as he would give product demonstrations. Later on, DeVos joined Northwood University to pursue a degree in Business Administration. He also joined, but did not complete his studies at Wharton Schools and Harvard Business School. Over the years, DeVos has earned several honorary doctorates from Michigan University as well as a distinguished recognition as alumni of Northwood University. Dick DeVos wife, Betsy DeVos served as Michigan Republican Party’s chairperson.

DeVos at Amway

Dick DeVos began his career as a finance professional at Amway Corporation. Here, he held positions in various departments such as finance, marketing, manufacturing, and research departments. In 984, DeVos was declared Amway’s Vice President to oversee the company’s branches in 18 countries. Under his regime, Amway Corporation launched new markets resulting in the tripling of international sales to surpass local sales for the first time in history.

Dick DeVos’ philanthropic efforts

Dick DeVos serves as the Principal of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, a humanitarian organization that gives donations to artistic, religious, civil, and educational organizations since 1990. In the fall of 2010, Dick DeVos opened the nation’s first aviation high school, the West Michigan Aviation Academy. As a philanthropist, DeVos supports various organizations that promote free-market economics such as the Heritage Foundation and Action Institute. As an alumnus of Northwood University, DeVos contributes to various development initiatives in the institution.


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