Dan Bethelmy-Rada Talks about His Career at L’Oréal

Dan Bethelmy-Rada serves at L’Oréal as the Global Brand President. He is the youngest DMI General Manager since he was appointed to serve in this position while he was forty years old. He has been serving in this position since January 2015. Apart from that, Dan Bethelmy-Rada has worked at L’Oréal Paris for more than 15 years. Throughout the years, he has gained some popularity courtesy of his innovative skills. He is also conversant with marketing and digital strategies as a way of managing a brand globally.

About Dan Bethelmy-Rada

While at L’Oréal, Da Bethelmy-Rada is responsible for overseeing a dedicated team that is sizeable. He is also known for his ability to train and produce successful candidates who now hold top marketing solutions. He usually channels his focus, determination, and ambition to ensure that he can lead accordingly. His fame has also led to Dan Bethelmy Rada engaging in numerous interviews with renowned media houses. In all the interviews that he has been a part of, he always talks more about the pressure that comes about when holding such a senior position in an international corporation such as L’Oréal. He also sheds more light about how he came to succeed and occupy an executive position in a global corporation. Such insight relates to the keys to success and what you should do to balance your career and family.

Since L’Oréal deals with beauty products, most media houses are always interested in knowing about how Dan Bethelmy-Rada found himself in the beauty industry. Since he has travelled to many parts of the globe, he has learnt many things. Although Dan Bethelmy-Rada was born in Venezuela, he has spent almost one decade in the U.S.

Later on, Dan Bethelmy-Rada moved to Paris, France as a young man. Throughout the period where Dan Bethelmy-Rada has visited different countries, he developed an interest in becoming a part of an international corporation. Dan Bethelmy-Rada is also passionate about photography, and he tries to always find the inner beauty that lies in places and subjects that are undervalued.

Since Dan Bethelmy-Rada has ever been a part of the AFS-USA program, he was able to notice the numerous possibilities that are present in the business world. Since he yearned to become a part of an international corporation one day, Dan Bethelmy-Rada joined L’Oréal after completing his MBA.