Cotemar Mexico Continues To Meet and Surpass Their Clients Expectations in the Industry

In the petroleum industry of Mexico, Cotemar company is one of the leading players. In 1979, the company was founded and has since been developing regarding the proper provision of services in the gas and oil industries. In 1981, Cotemar had increased its capability to transport a larger quantity of materials as well as people. In 1985, it obtained its first rig which was set aside to operate as an accommodation rig. Later in 1996, it increased its fleet to three rigs and three vessels, thus, expanding its grip on the market. They began building maintenance machines to transport liquid and solid materials and also specialized cranes in 2012. This was in collaboration with COSCO Corporation. They launched two rigs, semi-submersible, in 2015, and one of the subsidiaries at Cotemar was granted the Moloacan tender.


In certain companies such as Petroleos Mexicanos, Cotemar has been providing specialized vessels for performing offshore operations. These specialized vessels also play a huge role in providing marine transportation and maintenance, transporting enormous structures upstream and also oil processing. Cotemar profoundly maintains certain oil-related mechanisms and also participates in construction, modernization, and engineering. They also offer a wide range of services in their boats such as leisure areas, for example, basketball courts, TV rooms, and also gyms among others. There also provide washing services, provision of meals and beddings, and ironing devices. With Cotemar, it is possible to cook for more than at least 4000 people in one round and serve them at a go!


There are some institutional values that Cotemar upholds so as to operate effectively. Regarding reliability, they strive to excel in their modes of operations and provision of services. Their focus is set on achieving their goals with the expected results. Collaboration keeps them together as a team so as to create synergy, companionship, as well as enhancing the talents of their team members. They believe that improvement is achieved by respect, retaining a positive attitude, and simplicity.


To uphold integrity, they operate in transparency, consistency, and honesty. This is to ensure that they follow the regulations and legal framework of the institution. In the innovation sector, Cotemar accepts challenges as they help them grow and become better. They constantly create better values for the company and adopt new ideas to ensure development. Cotemar advocates for responsibility as they seek a healthy balance between the environment, the use of their resources, and the community as a whole. They respect the established laws and policies and compete with absolute honesty and dignity.

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