Brian Bonar Define Success

Brian Bonar is someone who not only has a brilliant business mind, he is an individual who never ceases to achieve things of great excellence. Bonar has involved himself in a number of different endeavors throughout his life. Success has been the usual result of his work. Brian Bonar is a perfect role model for those venturing into the world of finance and entrepreneurism. Simply put, it never hurts to follow the lead or model the skill sets of someone who has always been a success.

Bonar’s educational background is impressive. In addition to an undergraduate degree from the University of Strathclyde, Bonar earned his MBA and doctorate degree from Staffordshire University. The Scotland-born Bonar has long since move to the San Diego area where he has been putting his educational acumen to good use.

Currently, Bonar is affiliated with Dalrada Financial Services, a company that helps other businesses deal with matters related to payroll, health insurance, taxes, and more. Bonar’s background in the financial world makes him more than capable to be an effective asset to this company. As Chairman and CEO of Dalrada, Bonar garnered much acclaim for his work. He landed the prestigious Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year Award in Finance, an honor not so easily bestowed.

One would think Bonar would be too busy with his primary job duties to involve himself in other endeavors. Anyone who thinks such a thing just does not know the true work ethic of Brian Bonar. Bonar actually branched out into a completely new field for a side business. He purchased a restaurant in North San Diego county. Bonar had come across an eatery that was not living up to its potential.

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