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Network marketing guru Bob Reina recently shared his story and tips for success with He explained how his tenacity and dedication to improving the lives of others has driven his company, Talk Fusion, to success in just a few years. The best piece of advice he gives, and one he exemplifies, is never giving up. Learn more :


Running a business was not his first career, and when he first got into marketing, he was a police officer. He started out doing network marketing and sales on the side, while his expertise slowly grew. Over the years, he hit the occasional speedbump when a company he would be working with went under. He kept going, and he encourages others to do the same when they face difficulties in pursuing their dreams. As he said in his interview, “It all comes down to the power of a dream: if you want something badly enough, you’ll be willing to work hard enough to achieve it.”


Now, twenty years later, Bob Reina is the CEO and founder of a global company. Talk Fusion offers an award winning phone app for video marketing. It allows users to have live video conferences and chats, and it includes tools for sending out video emails and newsletters. The company uses the “instant pay,” model that Reina developed, which rewards individuals immediately for their sales. He does not believe in idling, however, and he currently has his company developing new educational tools. Talk Fusion University will be a free service, offering training videos and articles to marketing professionals.


When not running his company, Bob writes various guest articles for sites such as The Huffington Post and MarTechAdvisor. He also donates a large amount of his time to helping non-profits and charities. He allows his employees to each give out one of their top Talk Fusion plans to any charity they wish. He is a well-known animal lover and in 2012, he donated a million dollars to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. Learn more here:



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