Big Money in Sight for End Citizens United

Since, technically United States law is being followed, the fight to put a deeper truth on the record for James Comey’s firing is somewhat of an uphill battle. But as the saying goes, where there is smoke there is fire. However, dealing with the nature and level of affluence surrounding the situation, getting a sharp and tough group of investigators on the matter may prove quite the challenge.
That is where End Citizens United (ECU) and Every Voice (EV) come together in a common cause for the “Independent Investigation Now” campaign, in which the purpose is to get to the bottom of the situation. Just to be clear, the campaign is not about the firing or a personal attack on the decisions of President Donald Trump’s executive decision. It is just about knowing if outside political parties had a hand in covertly influencing the practice of the United States Electoral College.
The senate has the power to set forth such an investigation. And, to this end, the campaign is intended to start with focusing on the plays made by particular senate representatives. These senators are, Lisa Murkowski-R (AK), Jeff Flake-R (AZ), Susan Collins-R (ME), Dean Heller-R (NV), Pat Toomey-R (PA), Steve Daines-R (MT), Rob Portman-R (OH) and Ron Johnson-R (WI). Focusing on these senators coincides with a campaign for voter to call every representative in the senate and demand consensus and progress toward an investigation of any collusion during the 2016 elections.
So far, there are hundreds within congress, including Republicans, Democrats and Independent members, who are working on getting an independent investigation. And, there are others still who have a voice that express grave worries over the firing itself. As a side note, some of these members are Murkowski, Flake and Portman. Aligning with these sentiments, ECU CED (Chief Executive Director) Tiffany Miller and EV CEO (Chief Executive Officer) David Donnelly are quoted to have concerns for the voters and any damage to the democratic process.
Getting this and a lot of other jobs done requires a lot of money and a good amount of planning as well. There may not be a full on political coup in the foreseeable future. However, there are some good opportunities to make a little more stopping ground for progressive movements in upcoming election cycles. That is why End Citizens united is going for the gold, so to speak, and reaching to break previous donated amounts.
This time around, the PAC (Political Action Committee) is looking to raise more than 35 million USD (United States Dollars), which just a bit more than they had in hand last time. It actually is 10 million more than the amount raised in 2014.

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