Betsy DeVos: The Champion Of Different Personas

You may have heard of the idea of a person having an on screen/off screen kind of personality. This is when someone is said to act one way when they are in front of an audience (such as being on television), but then have a completely different personality in private. This can be a compliment or a criticism depending on what is implied. Betsy DeVos is one of the people in our country that is sometimes thought of as having multiple personas.


Betsy DeVos is the country’s Secretary of Education in the Trump Administration, and she certainly has some critics, but she also has those who really love her. It would be easy to say that this breaks cleanly along partisan lines, but that is not necessarily the case. Democrats and those opposed to the Trump Administration tend to have a negative view of her, but even some people in that category can say some nice things about her.


Part of her charm comes from the charitable work that she and her husband have done in their hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. The pair are very wealthy personally, and this makes it a bit easier for them to donate to the kind of things that they believe in. Still, it is rather impressive that they have decided to do exactly that rather than to hoard their money.


Betsy and Dick Devos are known for having contributed to a number of buildings that have been created which benefit the local community in Grand Rapids. On the other hand, they are definitely known for their politics as well. Betsy DeVos in particular has long been a vocal advocate of charter schools. She believes that this type of school is the best option for educating the nation’s children.


Being so supportive of charter schools has won Mrs. DeVos some enemies over the years, but she has steadfastly remained in the camp that believes that these schools are the best route forward. She has a lot more power to put those beliefs into practice now that she is the Secretary of Education for the whole country.


There have definitely been some interesting moments from the DeVos tenure already that could be cut both ways. She did immediately schedule meetings with the heads of the two largest teacher’s unions in the country right when she took office. On the other hand, she has also allowed some of the more controversial Trump Administration policies to pass through her office with little to no objection.


You have to realize that DeVos is a complicated character just like all of the rest of us, and putting her into one particular box is foolish. She can be seen through many different lights, so don’t forget to view her that way.


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