Bernardo Chua and Getting Things Done

Bernardo Chua knows that it is all about work in life. If an individual can find what they are great at and stick with that then they are bound to succeed. This is because Bernardo Chua and others like him know that it is about focusing on one thing that would bring about immense value.

People want to do things that are meaningful and would bring joy to them and others. That is why Bernardo Chua has been able to build a system that respects people and their hustle. He knows that productivity is certainly king.

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This is beneficial if an individual wants to use this as a side hustle because if you are working 8-5 and then you have to immediately rush to get to your side hustle at 6 that can cause you to get burned out. This would not be wise since the whole idea behind a side hustle is to allow you to make money on the side whenever you can. Uber is especially useful since you can look at things such as times that have surge pricing and only choose to work during those times.

Of course just like with renting properties, you have to look at overall costs because with apps such as Uber and Lyft while you get to choose which ride requests you want to accept, but things such as mileage and driving conditions can affect the life of your car, especially if you do not keep up with maintenance.

The ideal side hustle would be something that you enjoy and can earn money while doing it. For example, if you enjoy swimming then perhaps you can see if a local community center would allow you to come in on certain days to teach people who are interested in learning how to swim.

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