As Wealth Solutions Continues To Grow Richard Blair’s Impeccable Reputation Increases

Wealth Solutions is a company focusing on the growth, protection, and management of the client’s assets. As the founder, Richard Blair is a highly experienced advisor, a resourceful partner, and has excellent credentials including numerous certifications. This includes a CES, RICP, CAS, and CFS. Wealth Solutions is housed in Austin, Texas, is an investment advisory firm, and operates as an RIA, or Registered Investment Advisory firm.


Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is a firm believer in a solid plan being a necessity for all individuals to achieve their financial goals. He seeks to accomplish this by providing the community of Austin, Texas with retirement planning solutions, and wealth management services. Richard Blair uses a comprehensive three pillar approach implemented by Wealth Solutions. With this approach, the firm can quickly discover their client’s retirement needs, and financial situation. This makes finding a holistic plan easy, and each plan is customized for the individual client.


The first pillar was designed specifically to assist the client with the layout of a financial roadmap. The goals, strengths, growth opportunities, goals, and risk tolerance of each client are identified.


The second pillar involves the development of a strategy for the long-term. This is designed to meet the client’s investment requirements. The strategy is tailored for the client’s specific investment goals and liquidity needs. The assets of the client are managed and reallocated by Richard Blair, so the maximum performance of the individual’s portfolio is ensured during periods of market suitability. When the market is negative, the impact to the client’s investment is reduced.

Their insurance requirements are met by Richard Blair including annuities, life insurance, and long-term care.


Richard Blair came from a teaching background, and this was a large influence on his decision to provide individuals, families, and small businesses with advice and financial services. His mother and grandmother were both teachers, and he grew up watching their teachings increase knowledge, and grow confidence. When this was combined with his passion for finance, the only possible conclusion was developing Wealth Solutions in 1994 to provide assistance for the people of Austin, Texas. Learn more:


His firm continues providing advice that is objective and unbiased to their clients. Richard Blair’s knowledge continues to grow along with his skill as he shares his advice and financial knowledge with his clients.


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