As The Cabinet Secretary For Education, Betsy DeVos Is Expected To Heighten Calls For Policy Change

Recently, Betsy DeVos added another feat to her cap. She was nominated as the secretary for education in Trump’s cabinet. Betsy hails from an affluent background. Her parents Edgar and Elsa are people of means. Betsy’s parents recognized how important quality education is and took her through the acclaimed Holland Christian High School. After high school, she pursued higher education at Calvin College. Betsy got married the love of her life Dick DeVos and together became one of the most influential couples in corporate America.

Betsy and Dick DeVos believe in universal education. Through their joint charities, they seek to address inequalities in the education sector. It is only fair that all children in America get access to quality education irrespective of their background. For over three decades, Betsy and Dick DeVos have been committed to helping children from marginalized regions in the United States access the same type of training as those from affluent backgrounds. Read more about their foundation at

Through her role in bettering the lives of many, Donald Trump discovered her resourcefulness and gave her the post of secretary of education. The nomination was an approval of Betsy’s efforts in championing holistic education. Betsy has not only left a positive mark in the philanthropy and business world; she has been active in the Republican Party politics. In the early 80’s she got an opportunity of representing the state of Michigan in the Republican Party. She did a lot regarding grassroots mobilization and earned a position at the Michigan National Committee for the Republican Party.

Betsy’s position as the secretary for education has attracted a lot of limelight and therefore bringing the details of her good deeds to the public. Betsy has always partnered with her husband Dick to come up with resources that are used to fund various charities in the United States. The couple played a significant role in the establishment of the West Michigan Aviation College, an institution that is a bold statement of what the family stands for as far as holistic education is concerned.

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Speaking to the Philanthropy RoundTable, Betsy expressed her satisfaction with what she and her husband had been able to achieve in the philanthropy world. Her involvement in philanthropy was inspired by the struggles of parents from the low-income bracket who wanted their children to excel in education. She spends most of her time leading causes that will help raise funds for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Betsy Devos involvement does not end with the provision of resources; she is extensively involved in lobbying for a policy change in the education sector. In the year 2015, the power couple contributed over $3 million towards initiatives that seek to create opportunities for the disadvantaged children in schools.

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