Guilherme Paulus was born in Sao Paulo in 1949. He went to University to study Business Administration where after graduating he got internship with IBM Company. To Mr . Guilherme Paulus, his believes were to achieve his goals making it clear that the sky is the limit for him. In 2009, Mr. Paulus had the idea to make his company a public company and so he had to sell about 63% of CVC to fund his tourist industry. In 2013, His tourism industry had grew and it became the largest tourist company in Latin America and Brazil in general making huge sales annually that was considered to be great breakthrough in Brazil’s tourism. Check out Guilherme Paulus on

In 2005, Guilherme Paulus invested his millions of capital from CVC that he used it to start a Hotel and Resort in Brazil. His hotel and Restaurant led to employment of many people that served in his Hotel to offer services to the increasing number of tourist and Golf players. Guilherme Paulus seized an opportunity in 2006 that he purchased the Webjet. Webjet had increased a charter airplane prior to the purchase and Mr. Paulus had to preparing funds faster to secure the opportunity that would help him ferry tourist all over around Brazil. In 2011, Mr. Paulus sold the company to Linhas Area’s Intelligent of South Africa. By then Webjet Airplane Company had grown to the third largest airline in Brazil and was operating in 20 cities around the country.

Guilherme Paulus had paid dividends being a National Tourist Council for about 15 years and he had interacted a lot with capitalists and government agencies and also other tourists. When France and Brazil opened the new VISA program for French tourist, Mr. Guilherme Paulus was among the first to promote program ‘Brazian tourists to France’ and the promotion program earned him award from the French government. In 2017, Mr Paulus Golf was awarded the best Resort in Brazil. In the same year, Guilherme was announced the Enterpreneur of the year. He was also awarded by the Executive of Valor as the best personality of the year.

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