Alex Pall Collaborations

The success journey of Alex Pall has been interesting and one full of risks. Fortunately, everything he has worked so hard to accomplish has finally come to actualization. He was lucky to meet Drew who had the same passion he had and the same enthusiasm to live his dreams. The Chainsmokers have been making major milestones in their career. They just released their song, ‘Closer’ with Halsey. Besides, the song being a hit song, working with Halsey was a dream come true. The experience of working with Halsey was impeccable just like they had imagined it could be. Drew says that she has a beautiful voice, and she is very unapologetic for who she is; a trait that looks great in a woman.

Alex Pall also says that their other tracks, ‘Roses’ and ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ have had a great reception as well. He says that at the beginning, their songs were only eligible for the age of college kids. However, they have made progress, and they are now reaching the age of 15 and below, and individuals above 30 years old, which is a big win. They have also been able to reach other states. Drew says that getting a chance to perform to such audiences have been priceless. It has been the best feeling ever.

Drew and Alex pall started off their career as a side hustle. They only met once in a while, to know the progress. However, as time passed by, they began spending a substantial part of their time together. They say they have been trying numerous new things, to discover themselves, to know their identity. Despite the challenges, the journey has been exciting.

Alex Pall says that they are ready to push themselves further, and accomplish more in their career. They are still planning to surprise their audience with more exciting ideas and performances.

Final Verdict

All dreams are valid. It is possible to make money by doing what you love if you have the confidence to go for it.

It is also important to ensure the people you let in, in your circle are in support of your dream.