Academy of Art University’s Dedicated Approach to Student Success

The Academy of Art University is an innovative school for all works of art including fashion, design, film, photography and much more. Their work encompasses and embraces all challenges that their students face and the differences they want to make in their field. Family owned since 1929, they have been giving students the tools and foundations they need to succeed in their art for 90 years. Their Department Overview video of their photography program is an inspiring and engaging work of art that gets you excited about their photography classes. They talk about each student as an individual, like they are a work of art with their own challenges and ideas.

The Academy of Art University is the largest private art university in the nation. They were founded in San Francisco and have been family owned since 1929, nearly 90 years. They boast a very inclusive admissions process that focuses on the students future and less on their past academics to help a student move forward and succeed at their craft. They have a program for everyone from gaming design, advertising, and web developing to name a few.

The Academy of Art aims to be the number one choice among students looking into art schools. They strive to fully prepare in their field by creating a portfolio and learning the fundamental skills it takes to take an edge in a competitive world. They are fully accredited and hold several awards mirroring their efforts. Students love the invaluable education they receive and feel at home at the Academy of Art. Their education and personal attention are next to none. They strategic plan for 2016-2021 is focused on student success and business practices that incorporate integrity and growth. Their students are pushed to be dedicated and disciplined so they can unlock their full potential.