2016 Was An Exciting Year For Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua founded his company, Organo Gold, to introduce people to the benefits of Ganoderma by putting the herb in gourmet coffees and teas. Knowing how successful Ganoderma-infused products were in Asian markets, Chua knew that Organo Gold would be successful in Western markets, if the public understood Ganoderma’s benefits.

To introduce the herb, Chua decided to use the direct sales model, which he found effective when he worked for Gano Excel in Malaysia. Chua consistently receives recognition for his achievements and those of his company, including an Outstanding Global Entrepreneur award and five Direct Sales Company of the Year awards.

Independent distributors speak highly of Chua, who rewards hard work. In 2016, the top distributors were treated to the ORGANO Goes to Disney Incentive Trip.

In addition, in 2016, Asia’s top selling representatives joined Chua in his trip to the ORGANO Ganoderma farms to understand how important the mushroom is to Chua and why Organo Gold’s products are superior because of the way the mushroom is harvested. Naturally, the group engaged in some sightseeing while in China.

PR Newswire believes that While Bernardo Chua started with a small British Columbia-based coffee house with just three employees, he now has a company with a global presence and more than one million independent distributors around the world.

Organo Gold is now one of the fastest-growing network marketing companies in the world and Chua is making it possible for men and women around the world to start their own business and grow as well by marketing Organo Gold products.

In 2016, Chua proudly announced his company’s new line of weight loss products, OGX, which features Ganoderma. The first product is FENIX, a whey protein shake that comes in rich chocolate and creamy vanilla, with a prebiotic fiber and electrolytes. It also comes with the exclusive OGX Nutritional Weight Management Guide.

In a company announcement, Chua said “Meeting one’s nutritional needs in a convenient and economical manner, given today’s fast-paced lifestyle, is the goal of OGX and a natural evolution for Organo.”

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